Monday, July 16, 2012

20 things I've learned in Xander's first month

I made this list to send to a friend who is expecting her first son in a few weeks.  Thought I'd share.

1. Always keep a pacifier within arms reach!  He rarely uses one, but we have 8 kicking around here!  Thirty seconds of sucking on one can make a world of difference!

2. Just keep burping... Sometimes 3-4 minutes of backpatting and other burping techniques will produce nothing.  Keep trying.  Just when you are convinced there's no burp in there... BURP!

3. They say their bellybutton stumo will fall off in 7-10 days.  What they don't tell you is this: IT COULD BE A LOT LONGER  (23 days for Xander) and the longer it goes the worse it smells.  No one tells you that your beautiful baby will smell like a zombie and nasty brown stuff will rub off all over his clothes!

4. The gauze covering his penis (after hs circumcision) will not absorb any pee and will cause pee to go everywhere else including OUT the side of his diaper!

5. Newborn diapers are pretty close to useless :0(  Xander was 8lb 11.9oz and NB diapers go up to 10lbs.  Because they were supposed to fit up to 10 lbs we kept using them, but by 9.5 lbs they were really too tight and he continually leaked and got diaper rash.

6. Desitin, Balmex, Butt Paste, etc will do nothing for diaper rash if his diapers are too small because there is no ait circulation in the diaper :0(

7. If NB Huggies don't work for you and NB Pampers do - DO NOT go stock up on Size 1 Pampers.  Size 1 Huggies may work way better.  It's totally unpredictable.  We hated NB Huggies but size 1 Huggies seem to be way better for Xander then size 1 Pampers even though we loved NB Pampers.  Trial and error.

8. Xander hates those little mittens, but he will tolerate socks on his hands.  Also, he can't really get the socks off his hands so we are not putting the mittens back on every 2 minutes!

9. Also, long sleeved onsies are a lifesaver at night if they have the mittens built in.  No way he's getting those off!

10. Even when I am hot and sweaty Xander's hands and feet are often cold.  His temperature is really different than ours because he can't regulate it very well.  HATS, SOCKS & MITTENS!

11. Don't give up!  Chances are you are only 10 seconds away from a quiet happy baby.  When Xander is screaming and I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING without luck I go back to the first thing I tried and it might work!  Keep trying the same things over and over. 

12. Babies need daddies, grammies, aunties... (even though as mommies we feel we can handle it all ourselves!)  Daddy often does it differently and I might not do it that way, but Xander doesn't mind.  Babies benefit from lots of different approaches.  Trust those people around you who want to love your son!

13. Just because Xander nursed for 1/2 an hour doesn't mean he will go any longer between feedins than if he nursed 15 minutes.  If he was actually focused and not falling asleep he might have gotten more milk in 15 minutes than he did in 30 when he was goofing off!

14.  Cold baby = screaming baby!  We didn't think it was that chilly, but a breeze on a warm day can make him cold.  Close the doors/windows when giving him a bath or changing clothes/diapers if he is really unhappy.  He might just be cold. 

15. Anything will become a burp cloth if you don't have one nearby.  I've learned to put burp cloths or receiving blankets all over the house so I don't end up using my shirt, blanket, pillowcase, etc everytime he spits up.

16. Always take twice as many diapers and outfits in the diaper bag than you think you will need.  Even a 2 hour trip out can require 2-3 diapers.  Xander will often fill up the new diaper AS SOON as we put it on.  Like, within 30 seconds. 

17. Little boys WILL pee when you undo their diaper.  Everyone gets peed on.  We found this to work: open the diaper so some air gets to his penis.  Then lay the diaper back over and clean his belly button.  By the time you are done - he probably will be too.  For some reason, the air almost always made him pee in the first week.  Also, if you take his diaper off and he has an erection - he's going to pee!

18. Xander is not bothered by noises during the day.  We run the dishwasher, vacuum, tv with surround sound, the dog barks like crazy - he sleeps right through it!  We do not tiptoe around because it is great that these things do not wake him!

19. It's ok to be frustrated.  I thought I'd be all lovey - dovey and understanding when he woke up every two hours or cried all morning.  After 3 weeks with limited sleep I get frustrated!  LOL I try to be frustrated with the situation and not the baby!  Xander doesn't know he is supposed to sleep at night!  He also doesn't know that I'd rather not nurse him every 1.5 hours because it hurts!  He just knows he's hungry.  No matter how much I love him I still want to sleep.  And I will...when he's older :0)

20. When everything else fails - Xander usually calms down when he feels my warmth and he's snuggled up against my chest with his little head in my neck.  Babies want to be close and there's really nothing better than snuggling with Mommy <3

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  1. I absolutely love this list and wish I had made one like it for new expectant mothers of boys.

    Can't wait to meet the little guy!