Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two More Weeks!

So, here we are, in the home stretch.  I know I have said that several times already, but, honestly.... two weeks left, two weeks left.......

A lot has happened in the last month since I updated the blog.  Mainly I have gone from content to have our little peanut snuggled up inside me forever (easier to keep track of, no dirty diapers, no two hour feedings, lots of good sleep, easy to soothe, no boyfriends/girlfriends to deal with in 15 years, etc....) to wanting him or her OUT NOW.  It was truly like someone flipped a switch.  One day I was just over it.  And, as I am sure every woman reading who has ever been pregnant will attest, it surely does not get easier in the next two weeks.  I am kind of tired of fighting for space in my own abdominal cavity.  My lungs are crushed, my stomach squished and my heart appears to be in the wrong place based on the location of my heartbeat... but, you know what?  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  It's truly amazing how the process works.  I bitch and moan (and moan and groan) and lumber around crabbig about this or that, but really I have no real reason to complain.  We have a healthy baby in there and that is the only real thing that matters <3

We did have one slight issue on Tuesday, May 8th.  I'd spent the weekend having pretty significant pain in my lower back.  Sunday (as per my usual weekend agenda) I did nothing really except lay around.  It didn't seem to get better, but I figured, "Geez, I am nine months pregnent.  My back is going to hurt, just like everything else!"  Monday was more of the same.  Tuesday I noticed the standard "4" on the 4-10 pain scale from the weekend was shooting up to an "8" or better every hour or so.  I mentioned to Jason I wondered if I was having back labor - Mr. Practical assured me I was not having a baby today.  I rode to work with my Mom and wiggled around in her car for the hour drive denying there was any chance I was actually in labor. Within a few hours the pain had tethered me to my desk at work and was actually intensifying every 15 minutes.  I'd already been in contact with my Dr. several times, and when I started throwing up they had me come in to the office.  My mother came to get me and off we went.  So, let's cut to the chase.  No babies were born on 5/8.  These were not "real" contractions that were actually going to lead anywhere. (Uh huh.... they felt real.)  A fetal non stress test found the baby to be in no distress at the office, however, his/her Momma was in significant distress.  Seems there was also a strong possibility of a kidney stone happening as well as what-the-hell-else was going on!  Off we went to the OB Unit at MDI Hospital where we got a preview of things to come.  Five hours of fetal monitoring, a bag and a half of fluids, an U/S of Baby and an U/S of my bladder and kidneys led to the conclusion that I was significantly dehydrated and had angered my uterus causing the contractions.  The U/S tech saw no evidence that I actually passed a kidney stone or had one blocking anything, however, given my history of having them twice already and the presence of several in my kidney, my Dr. felt it was still a strong possibility. 

Also of significance, the U/S tech noted our baby had tons of hair on his/her little head!  

Since our excitement at the 35 week mark we have had an uneventful three weeks.   No contractions and nothing significant to note.  My BP is great, my blood sugar remains in the 70s at each visit and I have been trying desperately to get in 80oz of water each day.  Fast forward to Friday, 5/25, at our weekly appointment.  My Dr. says, "Why is your baby's head not in your pelvis?" "Gee, I'm not sure, Doc.  You tell me."  Seems our baby is much more comfortable in the lateral position.  Again, we had a head on the upper right and a baby bum on the upper left.  Not ideal for labor - which is not ideal for 37.5 weeks.  So, we have to go back on Tuesday, when we will be 38 weeks to see where our stubborn little one is laying.  Potentially we are considering the "turning" process if need be.  I know, I know.  Everyone has an opinion.  No one has had a positive experience, or heard of a positive experience when it comes to turning a baby in utero.  I have not made up my mind.  I can honestly say I trust my Dr. 100% with my health and our baby's health.  There's no point worrying about it yet.  A lot happens in a baby's life in two days.... we could find he/she has returned to the proper position by Tuesday. 

Also on Friday, I had my first "I don't want to be pregnant anymore" meltdown and then had a surprise Baby Shower (that really was a surprise!) thrown by Jason's  co-workers from City Hall!  It was perfect timing and just what I needed.  We are so close to the end.  I am sure our next post will include pictures of Baby Ingalls (who will by then have a name for you all to use) and I will have resumed use of my lungs :0)

Thanks for hanging in with us on this ride!  Can't wait to introduce our little bundle to the world <3

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  1. Well, well, well.....this would be Mama Llama. I must say, I too am ready for Baby Ingalls to make an appearance! After the "issue" on May 8th (this Mama Llama was days recovering from that one), the nights of laying there watching and waiting for my cell phone to ring, and a very very anxious Grampa poking me in the night to ask "How many more weeks now?", I think it's time to bring journey one to an end, and move onto journey two. Tried to do my share by bouncing you and baby over a hundred miles, on less than perfect roads, yesterday.....but as the little devil has proven.....he/she will do just exactly as he/she wishes and do it when he/she wishes to do it. But I know it will be very've been troopers...all 3 of you. Love you all lots and lots.