Saturday, April 21, 2012

Somehow it has been six weeks since I've updated the blog.  I keep saying time is flying by, but I guess it really has gotten away from me.
On March 24th I had a wonderful shower/BBQ here at the house with a mere 30 of our family and friends!  I have no idea how we fit that many people into this little house, however, they were here and I have the pictures (and gifts) to prove it!  We received an amazing amount of thoughtful and wonderful gifts for our baby and are so thankful for everything.  Pictures of each gift have been posted on Facebook so I won't bore you with the list again.  The majoriy of them are still in our livingroom and piled up under the tv.  I figure this is kind of how our home will be for the remainder of the decade so we might as well get used to it now!  Baby Depot called the day before the shower to say the crib and combo unit were in so we went up on Sunday with our gift cards and cash and brought them home.  Within the week our Baby's room was transformed to an actual nursery.  It has been so nice to sit in the new glider rocker in the evening with the lamp on and just enjoy the room.  All we need now is a baby!

We've had two appointments and an ultrasound since our last update.  Because I have not been able to complete the Glucose test Dr. Heniser has been testing my blood sugar at each visit and took my A1C - all fine.  My BP has remained stable and my weight continues to rise one pound a week as it has since I found out I was pregnant.  The baby's HR has hovered consistently between 150-155 at every visit.  At the last visit Dr. Heniser said the baby's head was final down as opposed to up.  While we were at the ultrasound I got up to use the bathroom halfway through and apparently the baby flipped, because when I laid back down the tech said the head was up! Tricky little one :0)

The ultrasound was two part -- normal black and white for the first half, so the Dr. could be sure all the measurements were right for our due date and 4D for the second half.  We got very few good 4D pictures of the baby's face since there were feet and hands in the way!  Apparently our baby is an acrobat contortionist.  Everyone should have a talent.  We both looked away while she measured the leg bones so that we would not accidently determine the sex (sorry guys!) and we are still in the dark.  We will find out in 7 more weeks - as will you.

No cravings for weeks. The baby and I have been battling for body rights.  I tolerate most everything, however, I do not enjoy the feet poking out through my uterus and bulging out of my belly.  I have been pushing them back in which typically leads to a karate kick to the bladder or some other organ just to let me know I have not really won the war -- only the battle. 

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  1. The shower was truly a wonderful wonderful event. 8 grandparents all smiling about the same beautiful thing. It was a day we will all remember. The baby's room is so warm and cozy. Our little one will be very happy and comfortable, for many reasons. I actually got to go with Joelle to her appt. last Friday (the 27th) and listen to the baby's heartbeat. There is absolutely nothing I can say to describe that I'm not even going to try. Let's just say that my heart swelled and started beating very rapidly and I'm still trying to catch my breath. While a huge part of me can't wait for the next 6 weeks to pass, another little piece of me will be sorry to see this journey end. Guess we'll just have to start on a new more kicks to the bladder.......we'll be headed for kicks to the shins :o) Love you guys