Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'll be in the baby's room swiffering the walls.....

As of Sunday, 2/19/2012, we officially reached the 6 month mark! Holy cow, how did that happen?! Seems like just yesterday we were waiting on a little pink line to appear :0)

On Monday Grammie Dow and Jason painted the nursery! A beautiful dark Classic Brown on the bottom and Potpurri Green on the top. The colors are a perfect match to the bedding set and will be great for either a boy or a girl. There is a blue tape line separating the two colors currently (in the picture) but there will be a white chair rail in the very near future. While they were busy painting away, Gracie & Grandpa Dow kept me company in the living room watching Card Sharks all morning. Even though I know our baby will not be sleeping in his/her nursery for many, many months it still feels great to be getting so close to having said nursery ready to rock! Next stop Burlington to get the crib.

On February 10th I officially turned 34. It was a great day which began with a Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cheesecake (made by my amazing fiance) for breakfast. We had an appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again - 157. It has consistently remained in the 150s for months -- some of you will remain convinced this means we are having a girl, however, my Dr has indicated that this old wives' tale holds no water. He said the baby's heartrate increases by 20 points each time he/she moves and we were able to hear the swishes of movement while listening to the heartbeat. So, at rest, the number might have been more around 135. And we finished the day, after our appointment, in Bangor for dinner and a movie.

Saturday Karen and Emma arrived! We had a great afternoon watching Emma play with Gracie and showing Karen our baby goodies (some of which were from other people, although 75% was from her already...) and then we were off to Pat's Pizza for dinner with family and friends! Before dinner we showed Grandpa Joe & Grammie Terry the ultrasound pictures and videos and filled everyone in on the latest Dr appointment. It was a great night and I was SO happy to have so many of my family and friends in one place!

The most exciting news to date is that our little carrot (this week the baby is as long as a carrot, according to Baby Center) finally made big enough movements for me to feel them on 2/3/2012! We were eating moose meat tacos with hot salsa and right there at the dinner table it was unmistakable. I was so excited and relieved all in that one moment - quite overwhelmed really - that I definitely cried. It was the start of quite a ride. We expanded from sporadic flutters that felt like "whoopdee doos" (or going over a really big frost heave) a few times a day to hour long workouts involving bladder kicking in just two and a half weeks! I decided today, after a week, that the kicking of my bladder has a much less profound effect if said bladder is empty as opposed to full. I'm starting to notive those trends the books talk about indicating when our baby is sleeping and what his/her schedule looks like (roughly). Because no one else can feel the movements from the outside yet, I find myself making several announcements a day - "The baby's awake!" Just my way of involving the whole family :0)

For those of you greatly amused by my cravings.... I think we are finally at the end of a three week Salami and Cheese with extra mayo and tomato bender...... I have consulted the Dr multiple times to confirm that my child will not be born with three eyes or only one ear as a result of this Salami consumption. I still eat three packages of those delicious cheese crackers with peanut butter each day and feel quite cheated when I onlt get two (but I suppose Jason should be allowed to eat one or two now and then). Speaking of.............. I am starving. Wonder what I should have for dinner #2??

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  1. I lied.... we upgraded on Sunday to an ear of corn from a carrot!